"Stand for something or you'll fall for anything...."


CooperWynn has been built around a framework of hard work, creativity, charisma and genuine know how. We do a great job at what we do; however, those we work for are happy only if the people who work for us are happier. The following principles guide us on a daily basis:


"THE 4 C's" 

 COMMUNICATE EXPECTATIONS: Our CooperWynn Crew understands the end result in real estate is defined by the journey to it. Our roster is small, but full of life experience and diverse strengths. We offer our clients a professional, authentic real estate experience in a saturated market. We constantly strive to learn, grow, and push the envelope of what real estate looks like. We firmly believe that “Good Neighbors make Great Friends” and that we should be our clients’ first Good Neighbors in Park City. We foster relationships we are proud of, and give our clients and industry colleagues positive experiences at every interaction.


CULTURE OF SUCCESS: Cultures don't just happen, they are cultivated...It takes a deliberate effort to assemble people, visions and results into a successful venture. We love where we live, and we love helping our community grow one new neighbor at a time. We make a point of giving back to this community we thrive in as often as possible, in creative and meaningful ways that reflect our Crew. We like to think we make fun of Real Estate...and we are glad that we do. It's imperative that we all enjoy the way to success, and that we can each identify with the Crew and craft that we are creating. We support one another because we can, and work hard so we can play hard; each transaction is executed with efficiency, professionalism and candor, and each success is celebrated together.  We are here to get the job done and our culture ensures that we get it done extremely well. 


COMPENSATE GENEROUSLY: "Take care of those who take care of you"...."You get what you give" , we could go on and on with quips that ring true around here. Lots of companies are known for taking great care of their employees....good, we want to be one of them. This isn't your typical 9-5 job; some days are diamonds and some are rocks- it's a lot of work, but we are consistently rewarded and gratified by it. Our experience and our own individual mentors have shown us the value in making others feel appreciated. CooperWynn pays well and plays well...always.


CULTIVATE PEOPLE: It's not enough to just communicate, cultivate and compensate well. We are in this for the long haul, so we want to encourage growth both personally and professionally for our Crew. As Good Neighbors and Great Friends, we are always looking to do things just a little differently and we encourage all those we work with to think "outside the box;" we call it being Purveyors of Creactivity. We are big on the trickle down effects of motivation, enthusiasm and genuine good cheer around here. We invest in the happiness and growth of CooperWynn and its Crew.


See? It's a WYNN-WYNN for all.